Tanzania- we’re here!

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From Kate:

I’m here! Tanzania is fun. I’ve decided I want to go to school where it’s mostly outside and warm. I love it. The mangos here are different. They are better than in the States but more earthy tasting than in Costa Rica. We have given one concert so far. It was well appreciated. All the students wanted to hear music from their home country. They liked Dynamite a lot.

From Allie:

We’re in Tanzania right now. Actually, we’re waiting for a ride in the International School as we speak. We’ve been working in the International School the past few days here. It’s SO nice! The classrooms are very large. There’s tons of tables and seats to come and sit or you can have class outside. It’s interesting working in an International School because everyone has a different accent. We’ve been very busy this week. Today we had the morning off, and in the afternoon we got to work with an African drum specialist named David. Way cool! He taught us a bunch of traditional African rhythms. I’m loving it here.