Here’s a challenge for poets of all ages: compose a Tatu Haiku. Make it profound, make it fun, in 3 lines.

Haiku’s are 3 lines and 17 syllables long:

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

Submit your Tatu Haiku. We’ll post the Best Of right here!

traveling the world
street performers play a tune
from my home country

Bustling Boston stops
As Tatu Mianzi plays
Barefoot and brilliant

Sirens playing a sweet melody
Call cross cobbled streets to me
It’s more the bittersweet
That makes me think of Mercy Street
Playing heart strings takes a certain mastery

spring in the city
buskers on the streets again
winter drifts away

sitting on the floor
you’re playing my favorite song
we all clap along

Tatu Mianzi
Ta tu Ta tu ta Tu ta
tu Ta tu Ta tu!

concert at my school
dancing with your instruments
cello standing up

three string musicians
two violins one cello
happy family

the very thought of
Tatu Haiku makes us smile
and vibrates our strings


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Jen R.



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