Off the Page

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From Allie:

We performed this week and didn’t even bring our books. Once a song is in, it’s in. I was scared before because I was afraid I would forget, but then I didn’t. I listened better and moved more. Overall I communicated better. It sounded hot.

What did we perform, you ask? Nikolaever’s Bulgar and Tic Tac Toe. I played a bunch of solo stuff too.

I’m writing my own cadenza for Mozart G Major. It’s coming along.

TTYL  Bye!

From Susan:

We’re on the precipice of writing our own music. There is no question that this is where we’re heading for this coming year. Here’s how we’re going to do it. The girls are identifying their favorite styles and tunes now. We are thinking about them and how their parts fit together. We will then write our own tune “in the style of” to get started. The elements of music are the same the world around- rhythm, melody, accompanying lines… What are your elements? Ha!