Our Trio

Tatu Mianzi began with a request to play for a family wedding many years ago, when the girls were young. We kept the trio together and challenged ourselves to learn musical styles from every continent and every culture. Years later, we have circled the globe at least three times, and we’re going around again! Each time we dig deeper, gaining more love and appreciation for the diversity of our world’s music cultures, how they speak to us, and how they connect us to people’s everyday lives. When we find a new musical style, we jump in with both feet. We play locally, nationally, and internationally, and love to share our music. We want to play for you! We want to change your day!

Our Name

Tatu Mianzi…what’s with the name? Tatu Mianzi means “Three Reeds,” and that’s us. Mianzi also means “honor.” We honor the traditions of world music as we celebrate the new.

Allie Reed, violin
Susan Reed, violin
Kate Reed, cello







"...a great example of what a 21st century ensemble should be. Their work weaves together diverse repertoire and improvisation, seamlessly crossing genres and cultures, and resonating strongly throughout a variety of contexts in which they work."

− Liza Barley

"They are performers, artists, communicators, educators, and entrepreneurs, constantly creating fresh new music to share with everyone they encounter, from elementary school classrooms across the US to youth centers in Tanzania and everything in between."

− Liza Barley

"We loved working with Tatu. The three very different personalities merge into an effervescent dynamic, full of creative energy and fresh ideas at every turn."

− Gil Teixeira

"These girls are going to set the world on fire!"

− Gil Teixeira

"Thank you for all the fun and chops, chords…and fun. The concert was awesome!"

− Ainsley

"When I watch and listen to Tatu Mianzi, I see and hear their life stories and their beautiful relationships with each other—not only as mom, daughters, and sisters, but also as best buddies. They take turns leading the music, showing their different personalities. They let the leader shine and are so sweet when they accompany each other. Absolutely beautiful trio!"

− Yukiko Konishi


We rely on these wonderful collaborators to help us remember that it’s always about inspiring harmonies.