“I change often. I started out my musical life as a classical violinist and educator, then turned myself into a songwriter, storyteller, orchestrator and author. Then I transformed again into a world musician with Tatu Mianzi. Now I am smitten with jazz. Each time I change, I add to who I am, and strengthen the art forms already inside of me. Change used to make me nervous. Now I crave it.

Something you might not know about me: I tap dance.”

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Allie asks Susan:

Being the mom, do you ever use your seniority to get your own way in the trio?

Are you sure?

Two thirds of Tatu Mianzi says you do. Are you still sure?
Absolutely. I’m sure.

How have you changed as a musician, coming from your roots as a classical musician?
My classical training gave me great technique, but Tatu Mianzi is a completely different performance medium. I love playing music in the moment and improvising. It’s refreshing.

How different is it from your song writing and storytelling?
Tatu and storytelling are very similar. Live music is just one big story anyway, right?

How is it working with your daughters?
Awesome! I love every minute of it! I love you guys just as my kids, but now we have a relationship of respect and admiration for each other as professionals, and that rocks.

We loved inviting our Suzuki friends to join us!

Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

A great time had by all

Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Up, Up, Up!

Enjoy Susan’s beautiful song an aerial view of the planet from a hot-air balloon

Susan plays many instruments

She uses original songs & stories to work magic with families, on local and national stages