Chamber Music Rules

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Rule Number One: Always take a bow, specifically once the song is over. Although it IS fun to take a bow and leave the stage once your part is over, some people may find it offensive (especially your group.) Ex. We were playing Sumer Is A Cumin In and Allie stood up as soon as she was done, 4 measures before the song was over, took a very quick bow and put her violin away. Mom was like, “Okay, I guess were done now!”

Rule Number Two: Random cadenzas are fun… IF your fellow members know about them! Ex. When it is your turn to end the phrase, end it with excitement, like a random cadenza that never ends. End it with a bang!

Rule Number Three: When you have a small part, play loud! You’re just as good as every one else, in fact, maybe better. So when your stuck with the bass line (which Kate usually is) play it loud and proud, (like Kate usually does.) Don’t let the audience forget about you.

Rule Number Four : When you have a page turn make it dramatic. When you play your instrument it is like playing a role in a play. Pretend that you are a suffering princess when you flip the page. Every one should be waiting on you.

Rule Number Five: When playing the cello don’t wear a skirt. (No explanation necessary.)

Rule Number Six: When playing a hard or easy part open and close your mouth. wiggle it around a lot, because some people (Allie) think that if you move your mouth while you play that it makes you look advanced (Allie) and anyone can do it. Go ahead Twinklers , or even Concertoers…  Your hands are actually connected to your mouth, which means you are working hard and tense and it’s making your mouth move.

and last but not least…

Rule Number Seven: If texting while playing, don’t make it obvious.