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Hi! We’re learning some new fiddle tunes these days- The Captain, Maggie’s Pancakes, and more. I had a lesson with Hanneke Cassel last week and worked on my fiddle style. It’s getting stronger. We’re also starting to formulate our program for the KIPP schools next week. We’re thinking about crafting the program around string pyrotechnics. The students always ask us about the fancy stuff anyway, so why not lead with it? Stay tuned.

Spring Concerts

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We’re gearing up for some spring concerts. We’ve got a roadtrip planned for March- KIPP Middle School in the Bronx, and KIPP Elementary in Philadelphia two days later. We love performing in the KIPP schools- the students are so engaged and interested in what we’re doing. We all look forward to our visits there.

Kate is also performing standing up now which changes our performance equation dramatically. Allie and I have always sat to support our cellist and perform at her same height level. Now that Kate is “up” we have a whole new emotional and expressive output available to us. It’s really working. Photos to come!

From the Top

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Tatu is gearing up for a performance soon for From the Top’s Arts Leadership program. We’re bringing our world dance music program, which has continued to evolve as we add new repertoire. Our newest addition to the show is our Indian raga- it’s also our favorite. (New and favorite- they go together often.) With the school year settling in we’re getting excited to take on new challenges. Stay tuned for more!

Tanzania- we’re here!

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From Kate:

I’m here! Tanzania is fun. I’ve decided I want to go to school where it’s mostly outside and warm. I love it. The mangos here are different. They are better than in the States but more earthy tasting than in Costa Rica. We have given one concert so far. It was well appreciated. All the students wanted to hear music from their home country. They liked Dynamite a lot.

From Allie:

We’re in Tanzania right now. Actually, we’re waiting for a ride in the International School as we speak. We’ve been working in the International School the past few days here. It’s SO nice! The classrooms are very large. There’s tons of tables and seats to come and sit or you can have class outside. It’s interesting working in an International School because everyone has a different accent. We’ve been very busy this week. Today we had the morning off, and in the afternoon we got to work with an African drum specialist named David. Way cool! He taught us a bunch of traditional African rhythms. I’m loving it here.

Tanzania- Bon Voyage Concert

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Our Bon Voyage concert at the library was GREAT! The audience chose the set list of tunes from around the world as we performed our show, And The Whole World Danced. For us, it meant we had no idea what tunes we’d be playing next and added a bit of risk to our presentation- but fun risk. Many of the kids in the crowd requested music from the countries of their family heritage- way cool. We held our own. Kate and Allie introduced most of the pieces.

A reminder once again- audience participation is key.

School Concert

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Hi! We played three “And The Whole World Danced” concerts at my school this past Friday, Man, it was tiring. It’s hard work going around the world three times in three hours.  All three concerts right in a row, with just six minutes off in between.

It was interesting to see the different levels of engagement as we went through the grades. In the eighth grade concert we got asked if we played in bars and how much money we made. In the seventh grade, the questions were more about education. In the sixth grade they were firing off questions like it was the end of the world. Pun intended. The concert was on 12 21 12…

In other news, YAY, the world didn’t end! We’re playing a Christmas party tonight. Happy Holidays!

KIPP, Bronx, NY

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We played at KIPP Academy in South Bronx, NY this past Friday. It is one of our favorite places to perform. The kids are so excited to see us and so engaged in listening- they have great questions for us. We can’t wait until next time!