School Show in Boston

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We had a great time at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School this morning performing for the El Systema program there. It was a Tatu Mianzi buffet of sorts- a little concert, a little folk dancing, and a story. Great to meet you! Keep practicing!

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KIPP 2016

We loved being back at KIPP Academy, Bronx NY. A shout out to Frank, Hunter, and Khaliq- Thanks for having us! You have built a wonderful program for your students and families.

NEC Williams Hall

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We had a great day performing for the Massachusetts Suzuki Festival 2016 at NEC, in Boston, MA. With three shows, we enjoyed seeing old friends  –  and meeting new friends too! It always feels great to give back to the greater Suzuki community, as they have been such a wonderful part of our musical lives.

NEC Suzuki Fest 2016

NEC Suzuki Fest 2 2016


ARTISTreet Design with Olin College of Engineering Students

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We did a recent street performers project called ARTISTreet Design with some students from Olin College of Engineering. They were tasked with learning about the lives and needs of street performers then prototyping useful products for them. It was a really fun project. We worked with them several times and they came up with some really useful ideas- instrument storage systems, web and media management ideas, and promotional gadgets.